the ot-64

Armored Personnel Carrier

The ultimate in armored transportation. Can transport up to 18 fully equipped troops. Provides all-round protection against small arms and artillery shell splinters.

Whether for your local law enforcement agency, personal use or protection for your family, this monster has got you covered. Oh, did we mention she is Amphibious?

Jointly created by Poland and Czechoslovakia, the OT-64 is still used in Egypt, India, Algeria, Uruguay and some other countries.

THe stats:

  • Weight 14.5 T
  • Length 7.44M
  • Width 2.55M
  • Height 2.71M


  • V8 Tatra 928-14 Aircooled Diesel
  • 180 hp (12hp/tonne)
  • 58.5 mph on land
  • 5.6 mph amphibious
  • 441 mile range
  • 8x8 suspension


  • 60% gradient
  • 30% slide slope
  • 0.5M vertical step
  • 2M trench
  • Amphibious fording

Base price $60,000 

‚ÄčTHE T-55

THE T-55 

Russian Battle Tank

One of the greatest medium-sized tanks every created, it has the capability to transport 4 fully equipped troops through massive attacks.

Not for the faint of heart, this vehicle means serious business.

Manufactured and produced by the USSR, this tank has been battle tested in numerous theaters of war.


  • 36 tonnes
  • Length 6.45M
  • Width 3.37M
  • Height 2.40M


  • V12 Model V water-cooled 38.88-I Diesel
  • 581 hp (14.6hp/tonne)
  • 30 mph on land
  • 5.6 mph amphibious
  • Torsion bar suspension
  • 580 I intenral, 320 I external fuel capacity
  • .425 M ground clearance

‚ÄčThe BMP-1

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Infantry Fighting Vehicle

The first of its kind: a mixture of a armored personnel carrier and a light tank allows infantry to operate safely with increased mobility and protection.

The best off road & amphibious "battle taxi" out there, she can transport a total of 11 fully equipped soldiers!

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  • Weight 13.2T
  • Length 6.735M
  • Width 2.94M
  • Height 2.068M


  • UTD-20 6 cylinder, 4 stroke V-shaped airless-injection water-cooled multifuel 15.8L diesel
  • 300 hp (22.7hp/tonne)
  • 40 mph on land
  • 5 mph amphibious
  • 370 mile range
  • individual torsion bar suspension w/hydraulic shock absorbers on 1st and 6th road wheels
  • 15in ground clearance
  • amphibious fording

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The OT-64