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Q:  About Arclight Defense Systems.

A:  Arclight Defense Systems is a division of a parent company which is a large steel fabrication, CNC machine shop and large equipment manufacturing and repair shop. We are a licensed importer of Munitions and Implements of War.  Since 1976 the parent company has been designing and building mobile drilling, workover rigs and components for offshore drilling and production rigs.  In order to stay diversified in the ever-changing petrochemical industry ADS was formed to begin refurbishing foreign military vehicles.  The division originally set out designing prefabed NBC bunkers, filtration systems and Co2 scrubbing life support systems.  Since the parent company facility was already set up for heavy equipment repair and fabrication with 6-20 ton overhead cranes, overhauling clean rooms, and about twenty thousand square foot of climate controlled shop space we already had a step up on any competition.  We started with the OT-64 SKOT which is our most popular and most practical unit; we are slowly adding our other models in the inventory which are the T-55 Russian battle tank, the BMP-1 tracked AAPC and the 125MM Howitzer. 


Q:  Why is the OT-64 SKOT the most popular and most practical unit?

A:  The OT-64 was produced in the 60s and 70s by Czechoslovakia and Poland to replace the fire prone gasoline fueled Russian BTR-60 and 80 models AAPC.  It is considered the AK-47 of AAPCs.  The 8 wheel drive armored units are rugged, battle proven, easy to repair in the field and is the first choice of many war torn countries.  It has an air cooled Tatra diesel engine and has thicker Armor than the BTRs and is equipped with a 360 degree gun turret.  It can travel at top speeds of 65 MPH and can shield you from small arms fire, high velocity rifle fire and Mortar and grenade shrapnel.  It can travel easily over the roughest terrain and sharpest inclines as well as travel through any body of water.  The existing fuel range is around 400 to 500 miles.  Over 6,500 units were produced so and many still remain in service.  They are still being used by the U.N.


Q:  How can the modern day prepper benefit from the AAPC?

A:  The OT-64 can be set up as the ultimate bug out vehicle that is able to push or pull most obstacles in the road including other vehicles or temporary road blocks.  There in no way for anyone to gain access into the vehicle while it is moving and would take a plasma cutter rig to cut their way in.  The unit can transport up to 18 people at one time.  It is basically a safe room on wheels.  It also makes a great fortified RV or mobile camp.  You can use it to lock up all your prepper supplies and with the custom air-conditioning package offered by ADS it can be climate controlled.  The possibilities are endless.  Use it as a scouting vehicle or take it out to gather supplies without getting carjacked. With the addition of an auxiliary fuel tank package offered by ADS or 55 gallon barrels of diesel stored in the back you can travel across the country on and off the road or up or down river.  One of my favorite features of the OT-64 is that they come standard with “run flat” tires that self seal in most cases or the special sidewalls allow you to continue driving on the tires with no air in extreme cases of tire damage.  ADS can also customize your OT-64 with an NBC filtration system creating an overpressure environment in the sealed air tight vehicle.  ADS can also install a Co2 scrubbing life support system to allow for a continuous safe breathable environment.


Q:  How is buying a military vehicle legal?

A:  ADS is a licensed importer of Munitions and Implements of War.  Each unit must be approved for import by the U.S. department of Commerce, U.S. department of Treasury and the U.S. Department of State. We apply for and issue an International Import Certificate that is approved by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Czech Ministry and Industry of Trade.  All Import and Customs clearance, paperwork, licensing and permits are taken care of by ADS and our Customs Broker.  The vehicles are “Demilitarized” meaning they are stripped of all weapons and sensitive equipment.  With the proper licensing from the BATFE you can have ADS weaponize your equipment within the legal guidelines allowed.  If you have any questions you can contact your local BATFE branch.


Q:  Why buy from ADS vs. a company from overseas?

A:   Buying a piece of military hardware can be a very time consuming and very expensive task if there are problems or if the piece of equipment is not what you expected.  The waiting time on the paperwork approval alone can last months and an approval is not assured.  You will end up paying tens of thousands of dollars on return shipping alone if you are not satisfied with the product. Remember you are shipping a 15 to 30 ton piece of military hardware by ocean freight.  At ADS if you are not satisfied with your purchase than we can either fix the problem or return your money.  We take on the hassle of importing and refurbishment so you don’t have to.


Q:  What does an OT-64 cost?

A:   The base price for a fully functional OT-64 without customization is $60,000.00.   50% down payment is required to start refurbishment and remaining balance is due at time of shipping from our facility F.O.B our facility in Texas.  We sell them as we refurbish them.  Delivery from time of purchase may take anywhere from 1 week to 3 months depending on what we have in stock.  Customers are welcome to visit our facility to discuss any of the models we have available.  We keep at least one floor model on hand at all times for customers that want to see the finished product.


Q:  What custom options are available?


Extra Bullet proof fuel tank (external)
Air conditioning both front and back.
Air ride suspension seats with 4-point safety harness.
Mechanical suspension seats with 4-point safety harness.
Intercom headset system for communication with all passengers and outside receivers.
Custom paint and decals
Power train retrofit.
Others at buyers request if feasible.



A Q&A with Andy